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Friday, June 13th, 2003
4:48 pm
WOOOOO HOOOOOO! in 2 hours i'm going on a date with ryan! he's soooo cute! hehehe he works at casa ole in sulphur and goes by the name "murphy"...he came over today to "break the ice" hehee i was really nervous but i think i'm doing a little better....he told me i was beautiful! and of course i asked him if he was drunk lol i don't even think i'm pretty.... well he's sooooo sweet! he's treating me better than any guy i've dated and i've only known him since yesterday! *giggles* i'm so excited hehehe! i mean he seems to really like me and he's soooo cute! and he's goofy which is always good. i think i'm gonna have all my cigarettes gone by the time 7 gets here...i smoke when i'm nervous....he has a cute car! it's a white grand prix special edition hehehe. when he was about to leave he hugged me 3 times and he actually GAVE ME A KISS!!! and it still didn't shut me up lol i kept on talkin.. :-D he has really soft kinda plump lips....perfect lips to kiss...he has beautiful green eyes too...he's a blonde! *giggles* my weakness!!!! well i gotta go b/c i still have to finish painting my nails and i have to get dressed, fix my hair, and go! HEHEHE any ideas on how to fix my hair??

current mood: giggly

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Monday, June 9th, 2003
1:06 am - today sucked...as usual...
let's see...today started out ok i guess...i didn't go to church. instead i sat in a parking lot and called mike. we talked for a little while and then he wanted to go take a shower so i called matt. he didn't answer. i still duno what he was doing. well when i got home no one was home so i looked for a not. the note said " Miranda, we went to the nursing home to be with mawmaw. Aunt Tot passed away. if you want you can come up there Love Mom." i almost started crying :( so as soon as i read that i got in the car and halled ass to the nursing home. i went to see aunt tot's body. she looked so peaceful. while i was there matt called me and said he was at Burger King and was about to go to my house. so i said i'd meet him there but i needed to go to walmart to see if my cake was done or not. so we went up there and they messed the cake up so i had to get them to fix it....finish later...on phone with matt *giggles* woo hooo

current mood: confused

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Monday, May 12th, 2003
12:07 pm

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Tuesday, May 6th, 2003
5:39 pm - hehehehe
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current mood: devious

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Saturday, April 26th, 2003
6:52 pm - life is fucked up...u never know who your true friends are
how fucked up is this? i started talking to this dude online named JD. when we went to school he was a really overweight guy. well i started talking to him and i really got to know him. i started liking him for who he is...i don't care if he weighs a million pounds. well i just met him today and he's FFFFIIIIIINNNNNNNEEEEEEEEE... he's got muscles coming out his ass. well liz didn't wanna go with me.well i found out that when he went to pay the bill she asked for his phone number! how fucked up is that?! and then when i was talking to him and chad in the car she's like what are you doing tomorrow night? and she asked him to go shoot pool with her and her mom..she never asked if he wanted to go with me her and her mom. she said she woudln't try to fuck him but i know her. she would and it pissed me off b/c she KNOWS that i like him. argh i hate her so much right now! he said that i'm the only one he'd do anything with which i do believe and chad wants me too. LMAO maybe i'll see chad again and tell him if he comes meets me somewhere with jd we'll do something LMAO. right now i'd fuck him just to piss her off!!! but i really wanna hang out with him b/c he's really sweet, he's attracted to me b/c he keeps saying i'm cute and precious and shit like that. i wish he was here b/c i'd love to just sit and talk to him but i think he's going to a beach party. he was supposed to call me back but he hasn't so i duno if he called while my phone was turned off or what and i don't wanna call back b/c he said he'd call me back...so i duno what to do! i feel like crying :(...any one have advice?

current mood: pissed off

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Tuesday, April 15th, 2003
1:04 am - life sucks...again
i swear i'm never gonna like someone again!!!!! i started liking someone online which is my first mistake. he's just so sweet and cute. we've talked on the phone before and i had a blast talking to him....well i found out that he met someone yesterday and he now loves her. it really hurts me alot b/c he seemed like the perfect guy for me. i love everything about him but now i know i'll never have him. to top it off i'm kinda drunk right now so i'm really fucked up in the head. i'm trying to remember what i was gonna say....

today sucked. jeremy came over. we played basketball and got a movie which we didn't even watch. we went to the boardwalk and he bought me a case of smirnoff ice and 2 packs of cigarettes. i kinda had fun until he tried touching my breasts...that pisses me off... DO NOT TOUCH MY BOOBS UNLESS I GIVE YOU PERMISSION! i duno why i screamed that b/c he doesn't have a lj... well after that i came home and talked to the person in the previous paragraph. since then i've been extremely depressed to the point that i cut my leg multiple times. it's not like anyone cares anyway... i doubt anyone reads this but oh well...fuck it...i just needed to tell someone about it so i guess i'll tell myself. i'm sleepy and i feel like i'm gonna cry so i'm going to bed. good fucking night

current mood: angry/depressed/ ARGH!!!!!!!!!

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Sunday, April 13th, 2003
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Friday, April 11th, 2003
12:52 pm - just had to....

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12:09 pm - i need to actually update this O.O
yesterday was a pretty good day...i didn't have english so i went to aarons house. apparently he wasn't messing with my head b/c he kissed me and told me that he is very attracted to me *giggles* i had alot of fun and his kitty cats are sooooo cute! he has a siamese cat that looks really wise... i love it! and the other cat is cute too lol hmmmm i like him but i duno if i want him to know how much i like him (he knows i'm attracted to him). after that i went to history. it was boring. then liz called me. i took her to put in applications at different places. i applied at krogers and mcdonalds *gags* i don't want a job. then i went to the chiropractor and he fucked my neck up pretty bad. it hurt so bad i was dizzy and felt like i was gonna puke! which can't be a good sign. so i eventually too liz home and on my way home bill called me and so after i did the dishes i ended up going over there...it was kinda fun :). well here is the funny part. i was trying to go home from bill's house (he lives by legion st.) and being the dumbass that i am i took the lafayette exit instead of the loop thingy so i ended up in fucking iowa! thank goodness liz lived there before so i knew how to get back on the interstate. i ended up having to call bill and have him tell me how to get home...it was SOOOOOOOO embaressing! oh well. life sucks LOL

YAY! i'm talking to Josh *grins*

today i was pissed off b/c i didn't wanna go to school. i only had biology today (i got a 63 on my test *cries*)(dr. dilks my psychology prof. cancelled class....i wish he wouldn't have b/c i really wanted to see aaron...i'm not gonna see him until april 21st! 10 DAYS! LMAO it's gonna kill me!) but anyway dr. haughs had a medical emergancy so he had to leave and we didn't have class. so we went to kmart :( i wish i could have done something besides that....my legs hurt..i had to walk from mcneese to kmart lol ok well this is all i have to say for now.

current mood: sad

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Monday, April 7th, 2003
4:15 pm - hmmmmmmm
where to begin....

last night i had a friend over. his name is mike. he seems pretty cool but he was sitting a little too close to me...we started watching "the ring" BUT my mom didn't like it so we took it out.

today was kinda boring...i went to psychology and we reviewed the stuff for our test. i actually wore a skirt today. it was weird... i can't sit like a lady so it was kinda hard to sit down. and i wore flip flops so that sucked (walking from the stadium parking lot to farrar hall is NOT fun)...i tried getting out of class early enough to talk to aaron but once again he was too fast. i think he's trying to avoid me. the other night he told me he wanted to come over but he might have to work so i waited until 8 pm and he said he didn't have to work but he had stuff around the house to do. i think he's kinda messing with my head but oh well.

in biology we took a test. i didn't do too good :( i forgot about it! so we got out early and me and stephanie started talking. then i decided it was time to come home so i did. another long walk to the car in flip flops (icky...)

i got home and i talked to josh (YAY!!!!!!) lol it was fun until he had to go to work :( i can't talk to him until 9 *pouts* he's a cool guy :) but he still doesn't believe he's hot *sighs* i'm gonna convince him one day that he is. i LOOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEEEE his eyes. and his personality makes him even hotter! but he still doesn't believe me!

i went to the chiropractor today. apparently my chiropractor told my mom "i didn't know miranda smoked!" so now she knows i still smoke and my nanny now knows so my mom's not giving me any money for food (i used it to buy cigarettes). my appointment was at 2:15. i looked at my phone at 2:44 and i still hadn't see him! by the time i got worked on and got my theorpy it was almost 3:30.

oh and i got a face the jury account. if you have one rate me lol http://www.facethejury.com/profile.asp?user_name=Cajunangel

that's the link. if u have one comment and tell me your sn so i can rate you! :) well i'm gonna go. i need a cigarette before my dad gets home. byes!

current mood: horny

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Sunday, April 6th, 2003
6:38 pm - argh life sucks major ass
i swear i hate my life!!!!!!!!!!!

---> the guy i was starting to like turned out to be an asshole. so that broke my heart
---> one of my best friends who i do like a little asked me out. i feel horrible for not answering her but i really don't think i'm ready for a relationship with a girl. for those of you who don't know i dated a girl named liz for 6 months and she pretty much ripped my heart out, cut it into tiny pieces then stomped all over it. that's one reason why and the other reason is i don't want to hurt her anymore than i have to. i know she's going to be upset with me but maybe she'll eventually talk to me again. i know when friends go out that it never works and her friendship means too much to me

---> i met a guy online and he's awsome. he seems like the type of guy who would be a best friend. well i was planning on going to see him today. until my mom told me she talked to him online for a little while b/c he tried calling me and the phone wouldn't work. we found out he's from sulphur OKLAHOMA! not sulphur louisiana. :( it sucks b/c i was looking forward to meeting him

well i duno what to say now and i have a test in biology 105 tomorrow so i'm going study...g'nite ya'll

current mood: depressed

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Wednesday, March 26th, 2003
5:03 pm
like anyone reads this....but i'm updating anyway....life HAD been going good until today.. i found a guy who i had a blast hanging out with. well he turned out to be an asshole. he told me he could see us being in a long term relationship and then maybe more...well i found out today that he had a gurl he likes at his house last night. they played quarters with beer...he got drunk and gave her hickeys so she gave him some back. so if he would have had a condom they would have fucked.

ARGHHHHHH!!!!!!! I HATE MY LIFE! why can't i find someone who will treat me right? what did i do that was so horrible that i must be punished for it?!

I HATE MEN!!!!!!

current mood: pissed off

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Tuesday, December 10th, 2002
4:15 pm - life sucks major ass!!!!!!
my mom found out that i'm having sex :(. i was asking my friend how much condoms are b/c i was supposed to buy some....and she saw that...so she now knows :( she's really mad at me...i hate this! i'm 18 fucking years old but i'm treated like a kid!!!!!!!! ARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH

current mood: frustrated

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Thursday, November 21st, 2002
4:06 pm - Sorry it's been so long....
hey... i completely forgot about this until today..i figured i'd update. I'm still with Obra. We've had alot of problems and i dumped him twice but we got back together. I just reached the point where i was tired of waiting at home for him to call me. I went 3 weeks without seeing him and 2 weeks without talking to him. His excuse was he was busy. He lost his job so in order to pay his bills he started shrimping. The only bad thing is the guy he was shrimping with liked to go for a few hours rest for about 3 hours then go back so Obra barely had time to do anything. BUT the thing is he always managed to find time to go watch wrestling with a friend. He could have taken a few minutes to call me but he didn't. oh well it's in the past. right now he's most likely mullet fishing. saturday he has to clean the fish and take the eggs out. that's what they make cavier out of (i can't spell...). He said he had 24 fish horns in his hands. and that was WITH WEARING GLOVES! i most likely won't see him until next week but that's ok. Tabitha (a friend who was born in sulphur but moved to houston) is coming over. She's lesbian so she's taking me to Crystals ( a gay club in Lake Charles) it's gonna be awsome. i've never been there but people say it's a good place to be b/c it has a friendly atmosphere. Elizabeth (my ex girlfriend) wanted to be the first one to take me but she's 7 months pregant so she can't go....

as far elizabeth she's having a little gurl. Her name will be Charity Hope Laughlin. i went to her shower a week ago. it was pretty fun. Her other exgurlfriend was there. I don't like her too much. She's only 16 and kinda snobby but she was ok at the shower and i realized why liz dated her...she is kinda cute. Me and Latrista won prizes for guessing how many squares of toliet paper it takes to go around liz's belly...(she guessed 12 and i guessed 14 but it was 13). Btw Latrista is my ex (david)'s Sister...weird...lol

I've been talking alot of yahoo lately and i've met some really cool people like daniel. i met him in september. it's kinda weird b/c he's like a best friend, and a boyfriend even tho we're not dating. when me and obra broke up me and daniel would kiss and stuff like that. it was really fun and i have kinda strong feelings for him but he said when i get in my flirty mood i remind him of his ex which really sucks. We have so much fun around each other. at halloween we went to a haunted house even tho i didn't go in i had fun b/c i got to hear the people scream. the only reason i wouldn't go in is b/c it's an actual HAUNTED house! see daniel is in a ghost hunting society in lake charles and they were there the night before investigating the place. if you want to see their websites it has pics and videos of their adventures lol the site is www.swlaghost.com it's a really cool site.

for some reason when i'm taken it's like everyone wants me lmao. Derrick, Williy, Micheal, Bill, Matthew, Vance, Jason, Ronnie and a few other guys want me...it's weird b/c 3 live in sulphur, 3 live in lake charles ,1 lives in gillis and 1 lives in texas but he used to drive over here all the time so most of them are kinda close...I'm actually looking for a gurl tho..I've found a few in LA but they still live far away :( it's like all the bi girls are taken! :( there is one in lake charles but i barely talk to her ... oh well...

i think that's all i'm gonna say today...i'll update later...if yall wanna chat message me on yahoo - thecajunqueenbitch byes!

current mood: sick

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Tuesday, September 17th, 2002
2:07 pm - argh
i know i haven't updated in a while... i never felt like it. just to catch everyone up i kinda sorta hate Ronnie. He's an asshole...He was just using me b/c he started going out with some chick over there and she turned out to be bi polar O.o but i hate him and he still has my shirt.

i found out that David told my ex gf that he just used me for blow jobs and cheap cds. I WILL kick his ass next time i see him.

Liz moved to Oberlin with david's mom so i'm barely gonna see her. my parents don't want me staying there b/c of david (the asshole moved back!)

Bill came by today. it scared the shit out of me b/c i thought he was gonna tell my mom something about what happened. He just came by to pay the $40 he owed me. i never thought he'd pay me back. he was really sweet too (i stayed hidden) he asked how i was and if i started college and stuff like that so it kinda seemed like he cared about me (i know he doesn't) but that totally screwed everything up b/c i started thinking about him again and i realize i still kinda like him....i couldn't have him tho b/c he's gonna be a daddy....yep he got his fiance pregnant.

I have an AWSOME boyfriend now. His name is Obra. The first day i met him he brought me a gold cross necklace. it's the sweetest thing a guy has done for me. my parents LOVE him! my dad even said he'd bring me to creole when i want and that obra could stay at my house instead of having to rent a hotel room.

ok well i don't feel like typing anymore so i'm gonna go...bye

current mood: confused

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Friday, July 26th, 2002
10:48 am - bored out of my MIND!
hey ya'll...i'm at my aunt's house in texas right now...i'm so bored b/c it's night time and we can't do anything..i'm basically out in the middle of nowhere and i can't smoke b/c my rents don't know i do and i can't call anyone b/c my phone is on roam...so i figured i'd update. right now i'm trying to find someone who is online (they only have msn but i don't think i can sign on it and i'm scared to ask them O.O ummmmmmmm not much has been going on in my life. i don't remember the last time i updated so i'll say again that me and liz broke up for alot of reason but we started talking again so i think we MIGHT get back together...i duno tho. i'm bored so i'm gonna see if i can sign on msn without messing up their stuff...if anyone reads this tonight and is bored email me at cajunbutterfly02@hotmail.com luv ya!!

current mood: bored

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Wednesday, May 22nd, 2002
11:19 pm - funny....
that was actually kinda funny....the friend i was talking about in my last entry actually knew i was talking about her :-P hmmmmmmmmmmmm i duno what i'm doing once again... lol i talked to liz a while ago. she promised me that she'd write me back and tell me what the fuck is going on with her (you know the whole thing about how she won't hug me, hold me, kiss me, all that shit which btw SHE ACTUALLY HUGGED ME!!!!! scary huh?) i'm really curious to find out what's up with her. today i couldn't stop looking at her. i duno what i'm gonna do b/c i had every intention of giving her the break up letters this morning..but i just looked at her and i couldn't. i duno why i couldn't...i just look at how happy she was looking and i don't want to mess it up. she's not usually happy.....

*stand up* "hi...my name is miranda ... and i have a flirting problem." ok that's b/c there's this girl who i used to like and she said she liked me but she found someone in cali to date and it really hurt me b/c i'm SOOOOOOO much closer...well that girl appologized to me and i accepted it so we're ok...BUT i can't stop flirting with her! but she did start it...
her:come with me to sleep
me: :D
me: whatcha mean?
her: just sleep...
me: meaning you want me to go to sleep? or you want me to go with you to go to sleep?
her: come with me to sleep
me: *follows you* :-D
THEN she started talking about her water bed...i love waterbeds! lol fuck if i could go i would have lol i duno why though b/c i mean i still kinda like her but i don't wanna be with her. she already hurt me once and i'm not taking that chance again. but that's not the first time she's asked to to "lay down with her" and she's asked if she could kiss me and all this stuff. fuck i haven't been kissed in so long i'd kiss just about anyone lol.

i just made a kinda bad mistake...i sorta told drew about something i did in the past....it's embaressing and i still can't believe i did it! it didn't really surprise him which is odd... well it's like 11:40 and i'm REALLY tired even though it's early....tomorrow is graduation and i have practice at 8:45 am...so bye bye!


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Monday, May 20th, 2002
8:15 pm - i'm confused...
lalalala i duno what to say..i'm talking with brandi on the phone so i decided i'd type some stuff on here. well i actually went to prom. that surprised the shit out a bunch of people. wendy, kim, stacie, jaime, missy, michelle, and candice ALL ran up to me and they're like "i can't believe you came!!!!" stephanie said the same thing. i mainly hung out with michelle, jeff, candice and her date robert. i saw a really cute gurl and i found out that she was a lesbian. Kristen actually took a girl to prom i was it fucking cool :-D.

well i'm not really depressed anymore. right now i'm talking to brandi on the phone. so that makes me really happy :-P and sarah got her heart broken by shauna so i'm not mad at her anymore but i'm still kinda hurt...oh well...

i gotta go i'm on the phone with brandi and she's being mean to my friend lol byes

current mood: amused

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5:46 pm - OOOOOO

What's Your Sexual MO? Find out @ She's Crafty


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Saturday, May 18th, 2002
5:35 pm - i think tonight might be the night i do it....
i so hate my fucking life! i wish brandi was online so i could talk to her.

sarah just told me that she now has a gf. that really upset me but what really pisses me off is the fact that she keeps saying how beautiful her gf is and all this shit. she's doing it to hurt me. she fucking promised she wouldn't hurt me like liz. SHE FUCKING LIED! i messaged her gf to ask her if they were really dating. then sarah starts harassing me b/c i didn't believe her.

If i don't write in here anymore you'll know what happened. have a nice fucking life everyon

current mood: depressed/suicidal/angry

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